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5 Things You Touch That Are Dirtier Than A Toilet

So, you think sanitizing your hands and following good hand-hygiene is enough to keep yourself and your family safe? Little do we realize that we are surrounded by virus and bacteria-laden things that we touch and use every day. And since we don’t realize they’re dirty, we don’t clean them enough. And the result? Things that end up getting dirtier than a toilet (which, by the way, gets a rigorous cleaning often!)

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Artificial Intelligence: From Powering Super-Heroes To The Banking Industry

From making superheroes fly to becoming the driving force behind scores of businesses – Artificial Intelligence has come a long way. And with the unimaginable technological advancements in this field taking place the world over, it was hard for even the stern and conservative Banking and Finance industry to not sit-up and take notice. And notice it did – readily embracing its marvels and exploring all possible ways of leveraging the huge potential it holds.

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Keep Your Curious Cat Off The Counter

Ask any cat-parent. Cooking in the kitchen, with your furry companion so dangerously close to so many accidents-waiting-to-happen, is hardly fun. But how does one keep them from taking a flying-leap onto the counter all the time? Let’s attempt to solve this age-old riddle plaguing cat-owners the world over. But before we do that, let’s delve a little bit into kitty psychology and find out why counters fascinate our feline pals so much.

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What's With That Head-Butting?

Of all the mysterious things that kitties do, their bizarre head-butting ritual has got to be the cutest. The way they would just drop whatever they’re doing, quietly walk up to you, and with that one precious gesture, make your heart melt into a puddle. Have you ever wondered why they do this? Is she asking for your attention? Is head-butting just an equivalent of a kitty-hug? Or is there more to it than meets the eye? Let’s find out.

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6 Ways to say ‘I Love You’ in Dog Speak

How do you show your pooch that you love him? Hugs? Kisses? Pats on the head? What if we were to tell you that when you give your pooch a bear hug or pat him on the head, your furry friend is actually feeling that you’re showing signs of dominance, and he just gives in and plays along? Your dog’s way of showing and receiving love and affection is very different from that of his human parents. Why don’t we learn how to show our boundless love to our pooches, in a language that they understand? And unlearn a thing or two, while we’re at it.

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